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Forseti provides technological resources to enhance work capabilities of knowledge base professionals of the legal and insurance industries.
Forseti's current offerings assist with the reconciliation of Injury Scale Values in Queensland.

Conduct an Item Search under the Civil Liability Regulation or Workers Compensation and Rehabilitation Regulation within Forseti to identify Injury Scale Values ( ISV's) awarded in potential comparable cases.
Forseti acts as an adjunct tool for specialists considering where within an item, an appropriate ISV for a dominant injury for their own matter under assessment may fall. Also for identifying cases where the item was previously applied by Courts and assigned as dominant injury.

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Forseti is offering month to
month subscriptions to
services ranging in price
from $55 to $77 inc GST/ per month
*terms and conditions apply
Forseti steers a unique course offering legaltech supporting knowledge base professionals. Without Forseti you adventure alone.

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  • STEP 1 - Register for an account
  • STEP 2 - Within your account select your monthly subscription/s
  • STEP 3 - Pay initial monthly fee at checkout for each subscription
  • STEP 4 - Ongoing monthly fees are charged on your account date to reduce financial transactions for multiple subscription holders
This service is supplied as a month to month subscription. Subscription fees are payable monthly in advance and are non refundable and will allow you access to and use of the service on a maximum of three personal devices.
You may cancel your service at any time within your account. Cancelation will take effect from the next payment/account date. Access to and use of this service is subject to service terms and conditions located here Terms and conditions

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