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This is a contract between you and Forseti Resources Pty Ltd (FR). This contract can be amended and updated by FR from time to time without altering an ongoing subscription service. You must read and agree to these terms before using resources (services) offered by FR on the Forseti Platform (Forseti).
  1. Forseti is a service platform wholly owned by FR. For the whole of the term of this agreement and at all times after this agreement has ended Forseti remains the sole property of FR.
  2. FR offers services on Forseti, its service platform, to you by way of a monthly subscription fee payable for each service to which you subscribe. You are granted limited, non- transferable and non-exclusive access to a service offered by FR on Forseti as a freely revocable licence for your personal use in consideration for payment of monthly subscription fees. This grant does not permit you to share your subscription service/s with others nor commercialise FRs services or undertake any activity which interferes with FR intellectual property rights. Content generated from inside Forseti remains the intellectual property of FR.
  3. FR does not warrant that Forseti and/or the services offered on the Forseti platform will be available for use at any or all times during the subscription period.
  4. FR does not warrant the accuracy of the information contained on Forseti and use of the information is wholly at your own risk. To the full extent the law permits, FR and Forseti exclude all liability for economic loss, loss of profits, loss of revenue, loss of opportunity, loss of actual or anticipated savings, goodwill or bargain, loss or corruption of data, loss of any equipment value, any exemplary, punitive, general or special damage and any indirect, consequential or incidental loss or damage of any kind whether or not such loss was foreseeable and even if FR was advised in advance of the possibility of such loss or damage.
  5. You are responsible for keeping your password to access Forseti secure and responsible solely for the activity which occurs on your account. FR and Forseti encourages use of strong passwords and supports this by combination password access via the mix of letters, capitals numerals and characters.
  6. Your access to Forseti is personal in that your email and password access to Forseti is restricted to your own personal use on 3 devices of your choosing. You acknowledge and wholly accept that the functionality and features of Forseti may change depending upon the type of device which you wish to use to access Forseti and Forseti services (resources).
  7. You acknowledge and agree that ongoing subscription payments as they fall due will be charged to your nominated credit card automatically without prior or further communication by FR to you.
  8. You may cancel your ongoing subscription to any or all of Forseti’s services (resources) at any time. Cancelation is to be done by you in your account in Forseti. Cancelation of your service does not take immediate effect. Cancelation does not entitle you to a refund but terminates your subscription service from the next account date. You may therefore continue to use a Forseti service until the subscription period for your cancelled subscription concludes, which is your next account date.
  9. FR recognises that you may wish to subscribe to multiple services, may not sign up for all services at the same time and may wish to alter your portfolio of subscriptions to meet your changing needs in an emergent and immediate way. FR caters for this by trying to limit multiple transactional credit card charges for you where possible. FR therefore charges the first subscription fee on signing up for a service and the subsequent monthly fees should you not terminate the service on your account date.
  10. FR has the unilateral right to terminate your licence to use the subscription service/s for non-payment of subscription fees effective immediately and without prior notice to you, and for any activity which FR reasonably believes amounts to a breach by you of the terms of this agreement.
  11. FR provides support via email to team@forseti.com.au for assistance with signup and navigating your subscriptions (resources) on the Forseti platform and also welcomes general enquiries. You acknowledge that support may not always be available and non-availability of support does not entitle you to any refund of subscription fees paid.
  12. You acknowledge that your subscription fees are paid to access Forseti’s generated content only. Forseti’s generated content does not include its bespoke search engine. Access to the bespoke search engine is provided at FR’s sole discretion to paid subscribers free of charge. FR may unilaterally withdraw its bespoke search engine at any time. FR’s bespoke search engine provides a one touch internet search capability to search for information published outside of Forseti and not owned or controlled by FR without you having to resort to traditional search engine means.
  13. FR respects your privacy and only obtains from you personal information which is required in order to deliver the services to which you have subscribed and to determine new subscription services which may be of interest to you. All personal information is entered by you in your account in the Forseti portal and stored by Forseti in a cloud platform managed by Microsoft Azure. Your personal information is directly accessible by you in your account in Forseti and is entered by you and is capable of self- correction by you at any time. You can update personal details including change your account email and credit card details as required. Subscribers only have access to their own personal information. FR uses a secure third- party payment gateway provider for handling of credit card payments. For concerns about the handling of your personal information, for complaints and for any other enquiries FR can be contacted at team@forseti.com.au or 07 3188 5791.